Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ombre hair-easy and hot look.

TRENDY: Karmelowe końcówki - instruktaż domowego farbowania

Ombre Hair Color

Isabel Lucas does ombre hair

We all 've seen it before on number of celebrities, some of you may say that it is very last season look but I still think it looks great.It is all about the beach look, hair lightened by sun ,picture of holidays sun, surfing, tan and lots of fun so of course I want to have the hair that says it all! Doesn't matter what colour your hair is, you can have caramel ends on dark brown hair or beach blond ends on dark blond and its so easy to do(would recommend professional salon of course)


  1. I love ombre hair. My hair is like this now because my dye has grown out and I like it.