Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My fashion/beauty report from Australia.

After a 1 month long holiday am finally  back and ready to blog!Had an amazing and relaxing time with all the family during when  my mind was also focused on whats round (fashion wise) and thanks to my gorgeous and stylish sister in law had a chance to visit Australia's high street shops.
Thanks Zee :-)

I find fashion over there way more relaxed yet girly,bohemian(my cup of tea), just different to what we wear in Europe and whats more I haven't noticed anyone blindly copping one celebrity like England often does(etc Kate Moss and sadly Pippa at the moment)!
So here is some of my own outfits put together,my favourites from Zareena's wardrobe, things I bought, things I liked or saw in the shops and magazines plus some beauty news.

Same necklace seen in Aldo.uk(double the price)

Sports Girl jewellery...

..and orange nails!of course

 Cool shop- Sports Girl

A brand to watch 'Sass and bide'-amazing clothes!!!

am soooo in love with this dress!

lace up/cut out sandals - hit of this summer!

pastel shorts

asymmetric skirts

Lace is big!

Rust-definite colour of Oz summer
my best buy so far! love this skirt

Seafolly-best bikini brand(great designs, good quality)

posh thongs-Billabong

love the hair, its all about the wave or bohemian fringe

Fremantle-great place for vintage style clothes browsing

very trendy nail stickers-and last long too!!! some funky designs out there

Amazing-tested on myself and it works!! For the days when your hair is freshly washed and too soft to style, just use this powder! Does magic!

grey nails? why not..

One of the only sun creams tested by the chemists(talked to the stuff member of one of them before buying) and the best sun protection on the market for the whole family! Important in Oz!!

one of the most pleasant sun sprays to put on!!!non oily, feels great on skin, easy to use! Loved it

 Who doesn't want to have beach style hair?Look like a surf chick? Sea salt spray is best for it!

..and make up? it is all about gold shimmer!

So what you think? Feel the summer yet?
I do big time and hope you enjoyed my mini fashion report , cos I had a GREAT TIME!!!!


  1. Hiiii! I can't believe that black necklace is the same and double the price there. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the outfits! So good! so inspiring! Loving all the colours that are in now, I have to steer away from my normal black and beige now hehe. The photo of the three of you at the end is great :-) Miss you guys so much, love Zee xxx

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