Saturday, 24 August 2013

My mum My inspiration...

This is how I think my love for fashion begun.
Without too much access to the fashion world in those days, she always managed to look great and on top of it, she had boxes full of fantastic jewellery, shelves of high heels that I loved to try on and a wardrobe filled with feminine dresses. I wasn't old enough to realise she had a natural sense of fashion at the time but somehow knew and thought (proud inside) she always looked great!
The most beautiful smile also never changed.

Red heels, fashion tights-all well put together.

Maybe not the blue eyeshadow but still love the blazer!

 Pencil skirt with belted blouse-we still wear it now!

Ordinary Sunday never ordinary look - mum loved fashion - dad cars :-)

Mum and me, me and Mia, same beach .

Hairstyles was never ordinary too

 I still want her clothes and bags !

 Maybe Mia is also watching me now, she created this dress herself out of her auntie summer dress so it fits her when all the other clothes were wet, not mentioning supermodel pose! 

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