Saturday, 15 March 2014

Watch with a twist.

Classic watch faces paired with beautiful leather straps.
If you want a unique super chic watch, La Mer Collection is for you , because they 
offer some of the coolest, stylish watches. 

History behind it:

La Mer was established in 2001 when Martine rummaged through her jewelry drawer and could not find a simple, stylish and feminine watch to wear. Combining her passion for design, love of quality materials and simple beauty, La Mer Collections was born. Inspiration is drawn from her journeys: South Africa’s colorful markets, Bali’s lush flowers, Italy’s gorgeous leathers and Thailand’s clear blue ocean. Each season La Mer’s color palette is chosen from these bright and colorful experiences. La Mer Collections’ focus is on classic watch faces designed exclusively by Martine Ilana, paired with beautiful leather straps.

And more on their website

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