Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Best from Grammys

Here is my top 3 best dressed at  2012 Grammy Awards

Love the dress Fergie was wearing!! because it orange,  all lace and simply very hot!!!! She took a risk but it was worth it.

Absolutely by far my favourite!!! The dress is so simple and sexy and I think Rihanna looked absolutely amazing, love her hair, please pay attention to nails (http://stylejusteasier.blogspot.com/2011/12/nail-it.html
shoes and great jewellery-especially rings!!! 

Effortless hotness!

 Inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer

Christian Louboutin

Here I just love the dress, work of art, gorgeous fabric and back - just made Taylor Swift look very classy!

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  1. Wow I love Rihanna's shoes! Yep agree with you on Fergie's dress, WOWZA! Zee x