Friday, 10 February 2012

Hair cut and happy???

Just had my hair cut yesterday as my hair was getting too long and difficult to style. Whether it comes to colour or cut I always bring a photo of who's hair I like or colour I want (usually pictures from magazines or found on internet than taken on my phone). I find it much easier to explain it to the hairdressers this way. Also I think its very important to tell them about your styling routine, how much time you have to spend on doing your hair every day and does your hair style easily or is very resistant to curling etc.

In my case I have maybe 5 mins to do my hair in the morning before getting Mia ready for the nursery but my hair is a bit wavy and very easy to style when cut well (remember good hair need a good haircut!) so as soon as that's done I also pay attention to colour in terms of how soon the roots will show! And again needs to be done using one of million highlighting techniques only a good colour specialist knows ! I want a natural blonde, with a bit of a root, lighter around the face, that I don't have to have done too often (because it is expensive of course) .
Yesterday I came out AGAIN with a great looking cut ( I think!) , easy to style, healthy looking hair and all thanks to my favourite hair saloon in Kingston. I've had my hair than in there since almost 3 years now and have never been disappointed! No one cuts hair like Anna (senior hairstylist) but whats more important no one transforms your colour better than Nadine (senior colour specialist), these girls definitely know what they doing and work their magic every time!! 

Thanks again!!!!

My inspiration this time

Loving my haircut by Anna

 natural blonde highlights by Nadine

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