Thursday, 14 June 2012

Orange and Black

 Here is what was waiting for me at home today! Have ordered this dress and heels from Asos on the weekend and just couldn't wait to open the package ! The dress is really cool -its comfy, stretchy, has nice orange colour that will go great with tan in summer,simple cut and great length to wear with heels and flats.
Now shoes, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!! They hot hot hot but unfortunately will be sending them back! Why? They simply too high !! It is really hard to even make few steps in them ! Unless someone drives me to dinner than carries my to the table and toilet, back to the car and straight home, but that won't be happening so BYE BYE my gorgeous shoes!!! Well,it was a pleasure to wear you for 5 minutes during my unprofessional photo shoot .

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