Friday, 7 June 2013

My make up routine.

Here is what I use for my every day make up. Most of the days it's just eyeliner and bright lipstick, for a change I go for eyeshadow but don't have too many-couple of browns and that's all. Good skin, great lashes, a bit of blush and red lips is all I love.

fav blush- MAC PEACHTWIST, sometimes I use bronzing powder instead

Estee for everyday, Mac for night out

brushes and pencils collection

great to use on cheeks and lips in summer, especially when already tanned 

never enough of lip glosses in every shade :-)

best mascaras for my lashes(thin but very long)

cream eyeshadows and fav eyeliner

love my lipsticks, they instantly change your face

and than you just need to smell nice, done!

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